"Content Marketing Is The New SEO" / by Erol Bortucene

@brandomoore writes this article on LinkedIn:

"If you’ve run a business at any point in the last ten years and browsed around online a bit, then odds are you came across the mention of “SEO.” SEO, or search engine optimization, is basically a strategy to help attract more traffic to your website by increasing your website’s ranking on search engines such as Google.
It’s still a strategy used today, although it has recently become overshadowed by strategies such as content marketing and social media. Want to know why? SEO was a strategy that was easy to take advantage of. Tricking Google into ranking a poorly put together website high on their search results page wasn’t exactly rocket science. However, new algorithms not only make this very hard to do – but they’ll punish you for trying to take advantage of old SEO loopholes, instead rewarding websites that put effort into the creation of content. This means that some creativity needs to go into your SEO.
While all this talk about algorithms may make it seem like you can just automate everything, this is simply not true. The success of your website depends more on what I like to call “human being optimization” more than it ever has. Optimizing your website for humans before you optimize it for the search engines. Think of it as working with search engines instead of simply trying to trick them. You provide them with good content and a great website so that their search results page provides users with high quality search results, and they provide you with more visitors to read your content. It’s a mutualistic relationship."